PKNOG is not a trade organization. Due to the technical as well as collaborative nature of the Internet, there is a strong need of a union of technology teams that can resolve, agree upon and ensure technical norms in the Internet world. Other bodies, like ISPAK (Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) etc, will continue to play their respective roles. PKNOG, however, intends to smooth out the various technical details as well as smooth and timely sharing of network configuration and practice information between the tech teams of the operators in Pakistan.

Membership Benefits

Being part of PKNOG allows you to be part of a larger nationwide as well as global network of professionals with similar technical interest - Internet Development. You can expect the following benefits from your membership of PKNOG:

  1. Focused & relevant technical training events in Pakistan

  2. Constructive and active participation in the collaborative community projects of PKNOG and other related international bodies

  3. Latest peer-level information from other operators in Pakistan

  4. Speaking & Presentation Opportunities at PKNOG events

  5. Greater networking with similar organizations such as APNIC, SANOG etc

  6. Local and International recognition of your technical and leadership work

PKNOG Rapid Response Group

PKNOG Rapid Response Group is meant to act as a singular responsive online group using mutually agreed upon instant messaging platform to communicate network outages, cyber attacks, NOC-to-NOC requests and other real-time crisis type issues

Members of PKNOG can nominate one or two contacts from their teams for the PKNOG RRG. The RRG will develop its own consensus on the instant messaging platform to use for this communication need.

Become A Member

Membership of PKNOG is open to organizations involved in the technical administration of any public or sufficiently large private network. Technical team members from network operators, Data Center operators, Internet service providers, Cloud Computing services providers and businesses with large IP networks that connect to the Internet are encouraged to become PKNOG members. The application process will be available online "Soon!".

Sign up for mailing-list

The PKNOG mailing list provides a forum to exchange technical information and the discussion of implementation issues that require cooperation among the Pakistani network service providers. Everyone is welcome to join. JOIN HERE


Send an email to pknog-request@pknog.org with subscribe in the subject (do check your spam or junk folder for auto-replies)

Read the mailing list "Acceptable Use Policy"